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I learned good
doggy manners at
Desert Dogs
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Desert Dogs Training & Boarding

We have two dog behaviorists.  We have been
training dogs for over 10 years each.  
We have taken Cesar Millan's The Dog
Whisperer's courses and several other
seminars on other dog training methods.
Positive reinforcement only is used.  No harsh
methods are ever applied.  Continuing with our
education is one of our top priorities. We use
many different techniques to assist you and
your dog.  Each person and dog is unique and
requires a customized training plan developed
just for you both.   We are always learning from
dogs and many other resources.  We use our
balanced obedient dogs as examples for other
dogs.  They also assist them with socialization.
We have much success in rehabilitating many
difficult dog cases.  We have succeeded where
other trainer's have not.  From potty training
miniatures breeds, to rehabilitating large
breeds.   Excellent references available upon

We give you the information to keep your dog
balanced.  Teaching  people how to treat their
dog like a dog and communicating with your
four legged family member in their language.  
Once we meet their needs they then can begin
to fulfill ours.   No problem to big to solve.