Desert Dogs
We provide dog boarding in our home.  A kennel free
environment.  A fenced back yard.  Daily 45 minute
walks.   Structured activities such as fetch day and
night with glow in the dark balls.  Dogs are supervised
at all times. They become socialized with our balanced
obedient dogs.  They sleep wherever they would in
their own home.  Some sleep in dog beds, some on
our couch and some on the floor and some even in
one of our two king size beds.  There is a doggy door
for the larger dogs which can be closed for the
smaller dogs.  We have hanging bells for them to ring.
 All smaller dogs will have an escort while in the
backyard for their safety.

If permitted all dogs will receive healthy organic treats
and cooked chicken, beef and buffalo.  A healthy food
analysis of your current
food will also be provided.

Training & Boarding
I learned good
doggy manners
during my
at Desert Dogs

I have mastered the
proper way to walk.
We provide one on one evaluation and training for
your dog
(s) and family.  We give you the information
and instruction on how to become your dogs pack
leader.  We are educated in Cesar Millan's "The Dog
Whisperer's" techniques.  We implement his formula
exercise, discipline and then my favorite, affection.  
Establishing your position as the leader is key.  Any
dog can learn to sit
& laydown in obedience training.  
But dogs may still have behavior issues. Such as
chewing, barking, jumping, marking and biting.  These
issues can be resolved. Your dog can become
balanced. That is why we build on leadership training
with traditional basic obedience training. We use
positive reinforcement and several aversion methods
 to achieve optimal results.  Every dog and client is
different so each program will be customized.
We will
teach you to better understand your canine.
Call for
evaluation 480-332-0740.

 Training in your home
Basic Obedience Training
Puppy Preschool & potty training
Dog & puppy socialization
Behavior Modification
Become your Pack's Leader
Walking and Feeding ritual